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2638 ALPINE SLEIGH-RIDE For Full Orchestra musicmpgs/04 Alpine Sleigh-Ride clip.mp3
3129 ANNIVERSARY INTERMEZZO musicmpgs/joie_02_anniversaryintermezzo_sam.mp3
2775 ARDEN AIRS A Shakespearean Suite for Orchestra musicmpgs/12 Arden Airs clip.mp3
2712 BAVARIAN VILLAGE WEDDING DANCE for Orchestra musicmpgs/01 Bavarian Village Wedding Dance clip.mp3
3032 CELEBRATION GIGUE for Woodwind, Horn & Strings musicmpgs/13 Celebrations Gigue clip.mp3
2933 CHANSON D'ETE (Summer Song) for VIOLONCELLO & ORCHESTRA musicmpgs/05 Chanson DEte clip.mp3
3134 DIVERTISSEMENT FOR CHAMBER ORCHESTRA musicmpgs/joie_10_divertissementforchamberorchestra_sam.mp3
3030 DRIFTING UNDER SAIL Valse Grazioso & Scherzo for Orchestra musicmpgs/06 Drifting Under Sail clip.mp3
3102 EDWARDIAN SEASIDE VIGNETTES for Orchestra musicmpgs/02 Edwardian Seaside Vignettes clip.mp3
3131 EDWARDIAN WALTZES musicmpgs/joie_07_edwardianwaltzes_sam.mp3
3086 ELEGY FOR A GARDENER for Orchestra musicmpgs/03 Elegy For a Gardener clip.mp3
2669 ELIZABETH'S GARDENS. A song-cycle for contralto and piano musicmpgs/elizabethgardensclip.mp3
2666 FOREST AIRS FROM SHAKESPEARE For Full Orchestra (Original Version : 2 Horns and 2 Trombones) musicmpgs/forestairs.mp3
3103 FOUR ACRES RONDO for Clarinet in A & Orchestra musicmpgs/10 Four Acres Rondo clip.mp3
3135 JOIE DE VIVRE WALTZ musicmpgs/joie_13_joiedevivrewalz_sam.mp3
3128 LOVE CHILD OVERTURE (recorded version) musicmpgs/joie_01_lovechildoverture_sam.mp3
2706 LULLABY, HOMELESS BABY musicmpgs/joie_11_lullaby,homelessbaby_sam.mp3
2683 MIDSUMMER MOODS Shakespearean Variations for Orchestra musicmpgs/11 Midsummer Moods clip.mp3
3028 NOCTURNE for WOODWIND & STRINGS musicmpgs/09 Nocturne clip.mp3
3096 OBOE CONCERTO musicmpgs/joie_03_oboeconcertimoderatoassai_sam.mp3
3153 OBOE CONCERTO Rondo musicmpgs/joie_05_oboeconcertiiirondo_sam.mp3
3152 OBOE CONCERTO Siciliano & Trio musicmpgs/joie_04_oboeconcertiisiciliano&trio_sam.mp3
1844 PENNINE SEASONAL SUITES see Individual seasons for sound samples
2678 PENNINE SEASONAL SUITES Autumn musicmpgs/pssautumn.mp3
2676 PENNINE SEASONAL SUITES Spring musicmpgs/pssspring.mp3
2677 PENNINE SEASONAL SUITES Summer musicmpgs/psssummer.mp3
2679 PENNINE SEASONAL SUITES Winter musicmpgs/psswinter.mp3
3047 REINDEER RONDO (seasonal pieces for Orchestra with Audience Participation) musicmpgs/08 Reindeer Rondo clip.mp3
2659 SEA BREEZE Serenade for ten wind players musicmpgs/seabreeze.mp3
3133 SLAVONIC VARIATIONS musicmpgs/joie_08_slavonicvariations_sam.mp3
2742 SUMMER PROMENADE for Orchestra musicmpgs/07 Summer Promenade clip.mp3
3132 TALES FROM HEBDEN WOODS musicmpgs/joie_09_talesfromhebdenwoods_sam.mp3
3130 THEY WILL BE REMEMBERED musicmpgs/joie_06_theywillberemembered_sam.mp3
3070 WHITE ROSE SERENADE musicmpgs/joie_12_whiteroseserenade_sam.mp3

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